AMD Breaks 1 GHz Video Card Speed Barrier, Pleases AMD

How pleased is AMD? So pleased. Pleased enough with its video card accomplishments to issue a press release—and pretty product shots—of its 1 gigahertz ATI Radeon HD 4890. There just a slight catch.

The new ATI Radeon HD 4890 GPU does get to say "First!" to reach those speeds straight from the factory, but AMD does note that processor is overclocked, running at a higher speed than it was originally designed for. (In the 4890's case, the standard speed was 850 megahertz.)

But in AMD's defence, it is using plain old air-cooling techniques to keep the card from having a meltdown, not some fancy liquid-cooled solution that some aftermarket providers offer and PC modders go for. And look how pretty it is! All red and fancy!

So good on you, AMD. You've got the FLOPS to back it up. All we need now are seven sample cards. Wait, make that eight.


    I don't think I'd buy another ATI card again, my 4870x2 2 gb card could be great, but lousy driver support has turned me back to green for my next purchase.
    I'd prefer to pay an extra $100 for ati products if the cash went into decent drivers.
    Crashes, glitches, hopeless open gl, still no aviva for vista 64, worse performance than a single card in some games.... groan

    Didn't Intel just get fined something like $1.5 Billion/Million (can't remember which) for anti-competitive behaviour by paying retailers/wholesalers to with-hold the release of some AMD chips?

    Surely this is newsworthy as well

      Damn, just looked it up and yes it's Billions...

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