Another AFL Game Announced

Another AFL Game Announced

afl-thumbnailAlthough, unlike the PSP title Sony revealed last week, this one is for the DS and aimed exclusively at kids.

Called AFL Mascot Manor, the DS game is an action/adventure where you play as the team mascot of your favourite AFL club. It’ll be released in July.

I don’t really know what else to say, other than the same company also has a remarkably similar NRL game too.

Here’s the full PR:

AFL Mascot Manor finds a new home on Nintendo DS

“AFL Mascot Manor” announced for a July 2nd 2009 Release

Sydney, Australia – May 14, 2009 – Home Entertainment Suppliers P/L (HES), are proud to announce their upcoming video game “AFL Mascot Manor”, a fun and adventurous title aimed at children that is due for release on July 2nd, 2009 on Nintendo DS.

“AFL Mascot Manor brings your favourite team mascot to life in this fast paced action adventure that has you running, jumping and battling your way through some incredible 3D worlds”, said David Robles, Business Development Manager for HES.

“Each AFL Mascot has a unique personality which embraces the spirit and passion of each AFL team, and we are proud to have them featured in their very own videogame”, said Scott Munn, Manager of Consumer Products for the AFL.

The features of “AFL Mascot Manor” include –

§ Choose between 16 team mascots, each with their own superpowers!

§ Explore and conquer 48 fantasy environments using your Super Abilities!

§ Battle your enemies using Fiery Fists and Ground Smash, or unleash your mascot’s special attack!

§ Face off against other team mascots in an epic boss-battle clash.

§ Fun mini games including an un-lockable AFL mini-match.

§ Find, collect, and trade AFL player cards with your friends wirelessly to boost your team in the mini-match.


AFL Mascot Manor [official site]


  • … AFL Mascots?

    Think they’d be better off releasing a DECENT AFL game rather than this … rubbish.

    It’s almost like what the Japanese consumer market would think about children AFL supporters.

  • I highly doubt the AFL commissioned this.

    Some developer pitched the idea, promised the AFL money, and the AFL agreed.

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