Another Banned Game Gets Minor Edits, Unbanned

Another Banned Game Gets Minor Edits, Unbanned

Horror-themed first-person shooter NecroVision got banned last month. Now, like F.E.A.R. 2, Fallout 3 and countless other games before it, it’s coming out.

The PC shooter was originally refused classification in April for content that included excess blood and dismemberment. According to the Classification Board at the time:

“When the player shoots an enemy combatant, a large volume of blood spray results and the enemy may be dismembered or decapitated. Injury detail is high with pieces of flesh seen flying from bodies when shot or a high level of wound detail visible on bodies. Post mortem damage occurs when bodies are shot resulting in blood spray, dismemberment and decapitation.”

Now, Games.On.Net is reporting that the game has been edited – quite significantly, it seems – and slapped with an M rating. Not the restricted MA rating, but the even more palatable M which merely “recommends” the game for mature audiences.

The Classification Board told Games.On.Net that “blood detail appears throughout the game as a grey “dust” effect when enemies are hit. Zombies fly into the air or their bodies jerk when bullets impact. However no further injury or wound detail is visible.”

No blood, no dismemberment for NecroVision, then. Which only makes the whole situation even more bizarre when you consider just how many games featuring plenty of blood and even dismemberment receive an MA rating every year.

NecroVisioN: Edited zombies are okay for Aussies [Games.On.Net]


  • This makes sense. After all, Dead Space was banned too because of the dismemberment thang. Oh wait, it WASN’T! It was released WITH the abilty to stomp on enemies till their limbs broke off.

    On another note, I think that the bad guys should bleed fairy lights. That would be bas ass! And they could replace the weapons with toffee apples! And zombies with puppies.

    • @crono:
      nah if they replaced them with puppies that anti violence against dog group would have a fit like they did for COD5

  • The ratings board is schizophrenic and contradictory in it’s application. But then again, what’s new in this country?

  • This is silly. I’ve been playing left 4 dead where, when one plays as the infected it is possible to die and watch your own body parts severed!

    There is no consistency with these policies!

  • I think instead of blood, enemies should spray rainbows and guns should shoot flowers instead of bullets.

  • too late I already downloaded the uncensored version, classification fail! if the the difference between RC and M is dismemberment and blood to dust and no dismemberment well I don’t see how that makes a horror themed WW1 shooter more appropriate for younger audiences.

    • It’s developed by some of the team who did Painkiller. Shurikens and lightning, people. Surely the possibility of a weapon that could equal or even eclipse that one is worth your gaming dollar.

  • You call jumping from an RC rating to an unrestricted M rating, minor edits? Don’t think so.

    I’ve already downloaded the uncut version, the Classification Board is irrelevant in this day and age. It just can’t compete with the Internet, plain & simple.

    The game is extremely tame in comparison to games like Dead Space, Fallout 3 etc. The CB seems to be becoming more and more inconsistent each year. They have resorted to splitting hairs over what is and isn’t banned. For example, I imported the uncut version of Dark Sector a while ago and compared it to Fallout 3 – passing F3 and banning DS was by far the CBs most illogical decision to date.

    Go here to take a look at my comparison:

    Then you also have the CB banning the original version of Fallout 3 for the use of Morphine due to incentives/rewards, yet they had no issue with Velvet Assassin whereby the player can use morphine to make tough sections of the game easier, i.e an incentive.

    What you have to admire most of all though is how they feel it’s OK to murder people for rewards/incentives, yet drug usage is what’s going to corrupt our youth and ‘vulnerable adults’ *sigh*

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