Another Demoscene Experiment Hits PS3

Art meets Playstation 3 in the infrequent interactive demoscene art that hits the Playstation 3 on occasion. The latest due to the Sony console comes from .theprodukkt.

.deTuned, we're told, straddles the line between art and game. In it you can create your own visuals to accompany the music found on your Playstation 3. You can also use the SIXAXIS wireless controller to manipulate the scene by interating with and modifying the man and his world.

Sounds and looks sorta trippy and I love that Sony remains dedicated to this art meets game movement for such a mainstream console.


    Just to let anyone who may be interested know - we actually have a demoscene here in Australia too doing this kind of stuff. Granted most of us stick to the oldskool machines - but there have still been some newer demos for PC / xBox, usually focusing on small file sizes. There are roumers of a PS3 demo in 2009 :-]

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