Another Rushmore — Console Only

About a month back everyone argued the concept of a theoretical gaming Mt. Rushmore. A man who ran a store in Battle Creek, Mich., soon wrote me to say he'd commissioned just such a work.

NewAge Arcade (a gaming store, but no longer operational) had this mural, depicting four characters singularly identifiable with each of the modern consoles: Mario for Nintendo, Sonic for Sega, Crash Bandicoot for PlayStation, and Master Chief for Xbox.

Dan Maurer, the store's former owner (hard times forced its closure in 2007) had the mural painted in late 2005. "I was asked many times, 'Why isn't Pac-Man on there?'" he said. "My reply was always, "These are the icons of console gaming, which is what my store was about. In that sense that would make Pac-Man the king of England, and he'd have no place on Mount GameMore."

Please forgive me, this slipped my mind and Dan was gracious enough to find hi-res pictures of the mural at his old arcade when I told him I'd love to post it. I feel I owe it to him. So here it is - gaming's Mount GameMore as envisioned on a mural at the former NewAge Arcade in Battle Creek.


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