Apple Eyeing Electronic Arts Takeover?

David Tong over at TheStreet (so, no, not some guy's blog) notes that, over the past few days, there's been a bit of chatter from financial types surrounding Apple taking over Electronic Arts.

Wait, what?

Adami noted that there is chatter that Apple (AAPL Quote) is eyeing Electronic Arts(ERTS Quote) as a takeover target.

Nuts. "Adami" is the notorious Fast Money man Guy Adami, whose reputation on predictions is... sketchy, at best. Though we have to note, this isn't a prediction, it's just "chatter".

Crazy, unlikely, probably ultimately meaningless, but for today, it's interesting.

'Fast Money' Recap: Does the Rally Have Legs? [TheStreet, thanks Jimmy!]


    Wow sooooo many responses....i agree i do not want this to happen at all!!! NEVER never

    That seems highly unlikely. Obviously Apple has a vested intrest in the development of games for the iPhone, iPod and possibly other devices in the future, but buying out EA does not seem like a route that is typical for them.

    Though not good news for most consumers, it would be a gigantic win for apple (though at a high cost).
    Should they also happen to strike a deal with Nvidia or ATI, they will be able to effectively capture the entire high-end and gaming market segment in the long run.

    If this deal actually goes through (which I do not expect to happen), gamers will have lost their main argument in not switching to macs...

    So is the goal here to make sure that your site has made some kind of comment about a rumor, no matter how unlikely, just so you're not left out if it does actually come true? The whole, "we helped break the story first" kind of thing? In that case you might want to run the story that Apple might buy out Smart Water so they can cut their costs during keynote presentations.

    that would suck EA would stop making and publishing games for windows and i never ever ever want to buy a mac.

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