ArmA II Pushed Up A Week

With Codemasters' Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising missing its originally planned summer release, original Flashpoint developer Bohemia Interactive scootches its spiritual successor's release up a week.

ArmA II will now be shipping for the PC on the 19th of June, one full week ahead of the originally planned release date. For awhile it seemed like Codemasters' Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising and ArmA II would be hitting store shelves neck and neck, further fuelling the rivalry between fans who believe that Bohemia's games are the true Operation Flashpoint sequels and those supporting Codemasters' effort. The point is certainly moot now, with the delay of Dragon Rising separating the games by an entire season.

Consider this extra week icing on Bohemia fan's cake.

Kotaku AU Note: Dunno if this will affect the Australian release, currently set for July 9.


    @-MasterDex-: Porting this sort of game to a console isn't as straightforward as you think, the hardware architecture is completely different and there isn't even close to as much memory available as a high-end gaming machine.

    First the game would need to be optimised and modified to even be able run at an acceptible level on a console, overall levels of detail on models will need to be cut down, texture quality and the level of detail that the scenery itself is rendered at will also need to be chopped, limitations might even have to be placed on the number of unique objects that can appear in any given mission. And unlike a PC game where it's up to the user to select the graphical options that give them the best tradeoff between graphics and performance, the console version will need to maintain its set level of fidelity and perform at a consistent framerate throughout the entire game, in all locations, just tweaking the game and trying to find the ideal settings could take months on its own.

    Then there's the matter of getting the gameplay to transition over smoothly from PC to Console whilst using a controller with strict button limitations, and still making the game intuitive for the player. It could easily be six months to a full year before Arma2 is released for any console.

    There has also been significant talk of a console version on the forums, in a number of video interviews the developers have stated that console gamers would likely be their biggest market. So don't rule out the possibility of a port just yet.

    I'll be getting both, but I am more excited for ArmA 2. Simply because it looks more complex and the areas seem to be more detailed.

    If I am playing on a massive map, I want to be able to feel that. In ArmA 2 you can see forests, towns and detailed mountains in the distance. It looks sexy. The screens and vids of OFP 2 that I have seen look a little bland and lack that sense of scale.

    But we'll see, imo, I'll play ArmA 2 online when I have an afternoon to waste. I'll play OFP2 when I have an hour or so. OFP2 looks to be more similair to BF2: Project Reality in terms of realism, whereas ArmA 2 is a full-on milsim.

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