Army Envisions Future With Master Chief-ified Soldiers

Or, maybe they're Mass Effect-ified. But the U.S. Army's concept for a soldier in the year 2030 definitely looks video game-ified - especially with its strength-enhancing exoskeleton and... combat drugs? Maybe it's Helghast-ified?

The "Future Soldier 2030" being planned at the Army's Soldier Systems centre in Natick, Mass., is the subject of much oohing-and-ahhhing in today's New York Post. The basis of tomorrow's fighter is a "soldier as a system," philosophy that more or less regards soldiers as battlefield assets like tanks or planes.

Some of this "system's" features include a HUD inside the helmet; voice commands that unlock a weapon or set it to less-than-lethal force, a powered exoskeleton to increase a soldier's movement endurance and even "neural prosthetics" and "drugs that aid cognitive ability." The Army allows that those enhancements might be "controversial now, but perhaps ubiquitous in 2030."

I suppose it's only a natural evolution, the Army's designs somewhat trailing the epochal history of combat games; from flight sims to drone aircraft, FPSes to cyborg soldier.

Soldier of the Future [NY Post, and graphic; thanks randlsa]


    thats looks soooooooo dumb....seriously

      Yeah it does

    What is with you guys not including a link to the source article recently? Seriously - not cool Kotaku >:(


    These army 'future war systems' have been around a lot longer than space marines have (95') and just about every 1st world nation has a program (Au: Land 125) but I won't ruin your fun :P

    Looks dodgier than a lot of cos-play.

    I like the fact he has a pip-boy though, that could really come in handy if there was some sort of apocalypse.

    Yeah, I'm only going to get worried when they start to look like Astartes...

    No chance with Obama in the hot seat.

    Not enough armour.

    Needs more ceramite.

    And today was the day i learned that lots of other people who like WH40K read kotaku, and it was a good day. That said he is one ugly looking spess merin. almost seems like the US is following in the footsteps of the millions of video games that have come before this. Star Wars comes to mind.. for some reason, mostly because of the plastic-y look of the armour.

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