At $400, Metal Gear Coat Is Liquid Gold

If you got four hundred bones (Canadian) and a healthy respect for archbaddie Liquid Snake, AbbyShot Clothiers has the perfect inclement weather garment for you.

The FOXHOUND Coat replicates the look of the antagonists from Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes, notably Liquid Snake. I agree that they've done a beautiful job with this (especially the shoulders) and it does look great open or closed. But $US400 is well north of my disposable income at the moment.

AbbyShot says it designed the duster with the help of MGS fans. "This trench coat is fully lined, comes with inside and outside pockets included, features padded shoulders and sleeve cuffs as seen in the video game, and is made from a water-resistant fabric," says the product page.

Foxhound Coat [AbbyShot]


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