AU Diary: I’m A Novice Pokemon Trainer

pokemon-platinum-artOne of the perks of this job is being sent copies of games I’d never otherwise consider playing. Like Pokémon Platinum, for example.

I have clearly not spent enough time running through long grass, as my encounters with Pokémon over the years have been minimal. From memory, I’m pretty sure I played the Ruby/Sapphire versions five or six years ago while I worked on a short-lived Game Boy Advance magazine.

So vague is my recollection, however, that if you were to ask me what the game was like, I might be able to tell you there was some turn-based combat, some walking around between towns, not much of a story, and, well… that’s about it.

I’ve just started playing Pokémon Platinum – due for release next week on Nintendo DS – and so far it all feels very familiar. So I’ve got a few questions for the Pokémon fans out there:

– How have the Pokémon games changed over the years?

– Do you enjoy the world, the story and the characters?

– Or is it really just all about collecting and levelling up your Pokémon?

– Any starting tips for a novice trainer?


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