AU Diary: Off To Play inFamous

AU Diary: Off To Play inFamous

I’ll be checking out Sucker Punch’s free-roaming superhero ’em up inFamous later this afternoon.

By chance it’ll be the first time I’ve actually laid eyes on what is one of Sony’s pillar first-party titles for the year. So I’m not really sure what to expect, other than a) it’s from the same guys who made Sly Cooper so it should be good and b) I can’t help but think of Prototype whenever I think of inFamous (and vice versa).

Is there anything you’re particularly keen to know? I’ll do my best to follow-up any questions you guys might have.


  • My only questions would be in regards to the controls, sound, and lastabilitiy of the gameplay.
    i.e: Are the controls fluid and do they feel “right”?

    Does the game feature high quality sound (music, sound effects, etc.)?

    Could you see the gameplay becoming repetitive or is there enough variation to keep everyone coming back for more?

    I’m not sure why I’m incredibly pumped about this game but I’m really keen to hear your thoughts. I never played sly cooper but it was always known to be of high quality.

    I’m concerned about the quality of prototype mainly because the developers haven’t made any stellar games, but you have to start somewhere right?

  • I would be keen to hear how good the movement animation is – nothing ruins immersion for me quite like characters who float or bounce too much – they need to have weight.

  • yeah, can you ask how big Empire City is comparatively to GTA IV’s Liberty City? And one thing I haven’t seen yet in any of the trailers or previews,are the cars driveable?

  • Hey, was just at a thing where Sony was showing some new features and software to retailers and got to spend a bit of time on inFamous. Played through the introduction to the controls and the mission where you had to get your mate’s gun and then go climb a big-ass statue thing to knock a food drop to the ground.

    Thought it controlled quite well, especially the climbing, which I didn’t get to do enough of in my time, but I can say it beats anything from the Spidey games I’ve played or Assassin’s Creed. The various electrical powers I had at my disposal for the mission were fun and easy to come to grips with. In answer to Camb3h’s post, yeah, it “fealt” right. The only super-minor gripe I’d have is that Cole runs maybe just a tad quicker than what would seem natural.

    Visually, it was looking quite good. No Uncharted, but very tidy for an open-world experience. Animations were generally pretty slick, and again, the climbing looked cool. Electrical effects were sweet, as one would hope.

    Couldn’t tell from what I played how big the city is or if you can jack vehicles, and there wasn’t much of the “good versus bad” stuff in what I got to play, other than a moment where I got to choose whether to share or chase everyone off the food. It was also too loud in the room for me to be able to make any comment on the sound.

    Looks like the full game will be everything I’ve been hoping it would be. Has a real “comic book-y” feel to it, so all you Johny DCs and Marvel Zombies, keep your eyes on it 🙂

    • Better climbing controls than Assassins Creed? Sign me up =)

      So far sounds like Sucker Punch have a winner up their sleeve. I know I’m looking forward to giving it a whirl in less than a months time =)

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