Augmented Reality Camera Game Coming To DSi

Swedish-developed Ghostwire will let you use the DSi's camera to hunt ghosts in the real world through augmented-reality gaming, developer A Different Game announced today.

In the adventure title, gamers will use the DSi as a portal to the astral plane to find and collect ghosts that exist all around them. The game will also use the DSi's built in microphone. Once you find the ghosts you will have to figure out why they are haunting your world so you can help them find peace.

"The Nintendo DSi platform is perfect for this game" says Anders Bergman, lead game designer of Ghostwire. "This allows us to enhance the integrated real-world experience with the combination of camera, microphone and touch screen."


    I would like to see this concept used on pokemon.

    I wonder what sort of rating a game like this would get. I can just imagine what sort of havoc it would cause if people (read: kiddies) were made to believe that ghosts were actually around them, because the game makes them think its real.

    Good thing about using it for ghosts though means that real life objects won't matter, since ghosts supposedly can walk through walls/furniture/other people. Means less work in the programming dept.

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