Aussie Exclusive: Join The Uncharted 2 Multiplayer Beta!

Today sees another 30 download codes for the Uncharted 2 multiplayer beta up for grabs. And we also reveal the first 30 winners.

The Uncharted 2 multiplayer beta kicks off next week, giving PS3 gamers a taste of what to expect from the full game later in the year. For your chance to participate, head over to the original post and leave your five-word review of the first Uncharted, along with your PSN ID and valid email address. (Facebook login users: please include your email address in your comment.)

Unless you're one of these people, in which case you've already won!

The first 30 winners are:

Daniel Purvis Run, jump, shoot, wise crack. PSN ID: StolenName

Ian Lewis Best display of half tuck! PSN ID: F_Geezuz

JAWSUS Review: Uwe Boll better not touch PSN ID: LiquidxFlame

avsky Pitiless Pirates! Pew Pew Pew! PSN ID: avsky

Chanman Island of Explosives: The Game. PSN ID: chanman_387

Sticks38 An experience of uncharted pleasure. PSN ID: Sticks38

Sam Hignett wish drake would chart me PSN ID: shignett

Soccer4lyfe Uncharted. Perfecting the treasure hunt. PSN ID: the_gogo_bat

Costy Epic scale and attractive male PSN ID: Hasquarl

dzc12 The ultimate pulp experience, period. PSN ID: hombre12582

DrMike Worth posting on Kotaku for. PSN ID: DrMikeAU

EzyLee There was some sexual tension PSN ID: EzyLee

TwoShed Bloke wins girl gets booty PSN ID: TwoShed

Jarryd C A Glorious Blend of Cliches PSN ID: Campi00

Anthony Z Witty main character. Also, pirates. PSN ID: Aganoz

Indefinite Implosion Swoosh. Thunk. Bang Bang. Ding. PSN ID: DestroyMachine

Geoff Bruce McAvaney would say delicious! PSN ID: GAC_4_PM

Gofreak awesomesaucewtfomgallovermyface, yes that’s one word PSN ID: gofreak

Snailblazer punch pirates in the neck PSN ID: thegravyboat

Flame Official pirate uniform: bulletproof singlet. PSN ID: Flameforge

Callum Ponton Review: Find statue, girl, zombies?!? PSN ID: smallpond89

Meow Exclusive Exotic Exploration Ensures Entertainment PSN ID: goosepunk

Nathan Immovable hair and squishy enemies. PSN ID: Naaxx

DansDans Awesomely playable Hollywood blockbuster game! PSN ID- DansDans

Camb3h Uncharted made me smile continuously! PSN ID – Camby

Daz Uncharted: Drake’s Wet Clothing. PSN ID: Daz-17

Chris Wolter Indiana Drake - Naughty Treasure Hunting PSN ID: pawno

Roy Fraley Awesome wet shirt action gunplay PSN ID: insanegamer66

deviant1 Indiana jones:tomb of gears PSN ID: dev1ant1

Hagen Marsh-Brown Best distraction until Uncharted 2. PSN ID: Hagebabe


    Hopefully Pirates, Bullets, equals dead.

    forgot my ID - Christophercles

    Also -
    No mutants this time please.

    Thanks David! (and Kotaku AU) Looking forward to testing it out with the rest of the winners =)

    I was a massive fan of Uncharted and I was strangely attracted to the blonde girl AND Drake...the drake part was awkward...

    Square, Triangle, Square, eat fist!

    PSN: The_Gamgee

    Almost as awesome as kotaku

    psn : kavliari007

    exiting movie ride experience amazing

    Indestructible climbing arms, of DOOM!

    PSN: craggadee

    Undead Spanish Conquistador Zombies Cool

    PSN ID: ennisfargis

    Fortunately Drake chartered a sequel

    PSN: Atomsk182
    email: lukeyluke[at]

    thanks you, can't wait to get into the action.

    No excuse not to buy

    Shoot multiple scary Gollum lookalikes

    PSN ID: flippaz

    Dude that answered

    Uncharted: Drake’s Wet Clothing.

    That is only four words. :)

    Awesome - thanks Dave! When does the BETA go live?

      Dont worry, I read when it goes live! stupid me.. please delete the comment (but again, Thank you for the code!)

    Prettiest damn water effects ever.

    PSN: AtomskPS

    Uncharted: Who cares about ninjas?

    PSN: Namarrgon

    Uncharted: Unearth. Uncover. Untuck. Unworry.

    PSN ID: JayEmCee

    PSN: benno_gt

    "Pirates attracted to "sticky" traps"

    Nazi Sub in the jungle!

    Too much for the xbox.

    PSN ID: The-Witchfinder

    Fantastic, even before adding multiplayer.
    PSN - megabonsai

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