Aussie Exclusive: Join The Uncharted 2 Multiplayer Beta!

Oh yes! We have another 30 download codes for the Uncharted 2 multiplayer beta up for grabs. And we also have some more winners.

The Uncharted 2 multiplayer beta kicks off next week, giving PS3 gamers a taste of what to expect from the full game later in the year. For your chance to participate, head over to the original post and leave your five-word review of the first Uncharted, along with your PSN ID and valid email address. (Facebook login users: please include your email address in your comment.)

Please leave your entry in the original post!

Where's the original post, you ask? Right here.

Following the first round of winners, the second batch of 30 winners are:

MrVeal Indy sans hat, whip, decrepitude PSN ID: MrVeal

Myth Outnumbered, outgunned in stunning locations PSN ID: Mesmerised

ShotGun Samurai Finger Always On The Trigger. PSN ID: ShotGun_Samurai

The_Gamgee Square, triangle, square! Eat fist! PSN ID: The_Gamgee

Luke Hurditch Fortunately Drake chartered a sequel PSN ID: Atomsk182

TheMyzer Halftuck ducked behind awesome barrels PSN ID: TheMyzer

Luke Freer Welcome to the HD Jungle PSN ID: Luketheman5

Evan M A Rumble in the Jungle! PSN ID: schematic

Chris Lowery Hopefully Pirates, Bullets, equals dead. PSN ID: Christophercles

Ross Guerin Explosions Explosions Hot Chick Explosions PSN ID: SedatedExperimnt

Jase Uncharted: Unearth. Uncover. Untuck. Unworry. PSN ID: JayEmCee

Daniel Green 3 bullets always kill pirates PSN ID: GiantOmelette

Linchowlewy man wins wet shirt competition PSN ID: Linchowlewy

Lance McDonald Those pirates breed like rabbits. PSN ID: CthulhuFhtagn

Adam_D jungle glitter equals treasury goodness PSN ID: BumptyHead

Blenny Indy and Lara’s bastard lovechild. PSN ID: SabretoothBlenny

plmko Ordinary man, extraordinary PS3 adventure. PSN ID: Nomad121

deek A giant leap for gaming. PSN ID: super0takudeek (0 is zero)

oggob Can’t ‘Sully’ This Games Name! PSN ID: oggob

Joel Intimidate, eliminate and redecorate Pirates! PSN ID: GreenCOD

Tyr Nazi corpse infested rusty submarine. PSN ID: deathfiend666

Flumpf. Wildgoose inept at counting five! PSN ID: Flumpf

H2Yo Drake beats Croft at Genre PSN ID: H2Yo

Seb Sinks El Dorado, gets girl. PSN ID: Seb_Rice

cragga Indestructible climbing arms, of DOOM! PSN ID: craggadee

Tristan Damen Wicked use of water skis! PSN ID: Dutch_Rootsman

Jason Its a treasure - pun intended PSN ID: JMK_Vengeance

skyline_boy001 Engaging Cinematic Game with Puzzles PSN ID: skyline_boy001

Eric Rus Fame and Fortune Hunting Hero PSN ID: Ancient_One

Liam Not a great cake recipe! PSN ID: Liam_69


    Be careful Nath.. NAAAAAAATTTTTTHHHHH..... thump!

    PSN ID: ennisfargis

    Title hopefully not foreshadowing sales.

    oops forgot my PSNID: JayScott71

    *this is not another entry

    *nor is this - damn it!

    Fortunate to play this one

    PSN: c3044692

    it looks nice and toasty cant wait. PSN ID: andy08ps

    cool cant wait PSN ID: andy08ps

    cliché gun slinging action hero

      PSN: fORS4kENi

    this game rocks cant wait PSN ID: ajpsnid

    Lots'o booty, Also a girl.

    PSN ID: Lem_is_cool

    Hey guys, maybe you missed the message where it said to put your answer in THE ORIGINAL POST!

    The author only mentioned it three times. Maybe there should have been a fourth, because y'know, three times is a somewhat scant of notice.

    w00t... thanks David & Kotaku! :)

    Codes to be sent to us early next week? ;)

    an exponential adventure of awesome

    PSN: sky_capt

    Even my girlfriend loved it!

    PSN: tomlikesrocks

    It's treasure hunting time again

    psn id - kavliari007

    "Wet t-shirt, but no boobs!"

    PSN ID: The_9th_Complex

    Awesome - thanks David & Kotaku!

    like nandos with hot sauce!


    Just wondering, for the people who won, are we supposed to have received an e-mail or something?

      Yeah, same thing here. how do we claim our prize? please respond through e-mail.

    Pirate? Nope just annoying Sully.

    PSN ID winga26

    its the Drake 'n' Bake

      orginal post "its the Drake ‘n’ Bake"

      forgot my

      PSN: ANZAC_bates

      hopefully 3rd times a charm

    Thank you so much. I'm so happy.
    Where do we receive the codes exactly?

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