Aussie Exclusive: Join The Uncharted 2 Multiplayer Beta!

Last chance to get on the Uncharted 2 multiplayer beta!

The multiplayer beta for Uncharted 2: Among Thieves starts next week. We have 150 exclusive download codes to allow Australian PlayStation 3 gamers to join the action.

Head over to the original post to find out how to enter.

We'll be revealing the Wednesday winners later today and the Thursday and Friday winners tomorrow. All winners will receive an email from me tomorrow with your download code. Stay tuned.


    Great until Shyamalan plot twist.

      oopps forgot psn
      psn: webb0001

    The modern day Indiana Jones

    PSN: Singstar_Poy

    Greatest Exclusive Ever For Playstation3.
    Psn. Linconan

    My friends will be jealous!
    PSN: jolo67

    Indiana Jones 4 done right

    Uncharted: Zombie Spaniard eradication squad.

    psn: Tristwax

    Uncharted Co-op is Finally Here!

    PSN: Lord Panda

    Best game dialogue ever seen

    PSN: AStiffBreeze

    Shooting pirates and treasure hunting

    PSN: c3044692

    Run. Jump. Shoot. Rinse. Repeat.

      PSN: vekstofkin

    PSN: beaverinc21

    Kick arse gun shooting game

    Coming soon: Singstar Uncharted Hits!

      PSN: Gobbo_

    Needs more half tucked t-shirts.

    PSN: Lem_is_cool

    1 pirate > 30 bullets

      ps- jhoang49

    PSN ID: V1Zu4L

    Pfft, Lara and Indy who?

    Review: Best until MGS4 came out.
    PSN: CaptainRockin

    No (dead pirate) guts, no glory.

    (pun intended)

      Whoops... didnt mean the pun bit...

      and PSN ID: Elidian

        Right, and I mean:

        No (pirate) guts, no glory.

        I can't count... lol.

    pirates with bulletproof singlets

    PSN ANZAC_bates

    Cover, duck, shoot, BOOM BOOM!

    psn: benno_gt

    Kill people who have familes

    psn id: officersmile


    psn id: LordPanzerfaust

    PSN: DaMonkeyMan83

    Got zombies in my treasure

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