Aussie Exclusive: Join The Uncharted 2 Multiplayer Beta!

The multiplayer beta for Uncharted 2: Among Thieves starts next week. We have 150 exclusive download codes to allow Australian PlayStation 3 gamers to join the action.

That's right, one hundred and fifty!

While our American friends can sign up by preordering inFamous, the only way YOU are going to be able to participate in the Uncharted 2 multiplayer beta is by entering the Kotaku giveaway. I repeat: this is an Australian exclusive.

Each day this week - from today to Friday - we'll be handing out 30 download codes for you to access the beta when it commences on June 3. To be in the running to snag one for yourself, you need to write a review of the first Uncharted.

Not just any review though, you need to write it in exactly FIVE WORDS. That's five, no more, no less.

Leave your five word review of Uncharted: Drake's Fortune in the comments below. Make sure you also include your PSN ID and a valid email address. Only one entry per person, per day is allowed. The best 30 entries each day will each score a download code.

Remember: to use the download code, you need to have a PS3, a broadband internet connection, and be accessing the PlayStation Network from within Australia.

Good luck! And if you miss out today, check back tomorrow for another chance to win.

UPDATE: This competition is now closed.

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    It's a fucking awesome game.
    PSN: charonis

      It so needed multi player
      PSN ID: Harris3oo

      indiana jones on bull testosterone.

      psn: murtraz

      Guns blazing leaving player gazing

      Drake makes Indy 'Old Hat'
      PSN: poster_idol

      Epic storyline and characters!

      PSN ID: Miney17

      Treasure that worth a 'fortune'.

    Review: A metric ton of awesome
    PSN ID: TheMyzer

    PSN: avsky

    Pitiless Pirates! Pew Pew Pew!

    Best Tomb Raider clone EVER.
    PSN ID: jwaddell

    Tomb Raider for the fellas.

    Amazing platforming and great gunfights.

    PSN ID: SmellmyFace101

    Uncharted: Drake's Fortune. Buy it.

    (PSN ID: Gobbo_)

    Paragon of wet shirt physics.

      "Only one entry per person, per day is allowed." - Competition Police.


        Oops. I should really read things properly first. I blame this case of swine flu I'm coming down with.

    Crap forgot my PSN ID (!). It is url404 as well.

    PSN: MattSixx
    game of the year woo

    Replaying again, it's that good!


    Tomb Raider; just without boobs.

    PSN ID - ACCloud
    email -

    Tomb Raider, Gears love child.

    PSN: Will

      PSN: aus_will

    Review: Find statue, girl, zombies?!?
    PSN ID: smallpond89

    History how it should be

    PSN: DocHolland

    Better Indy than Indy Four

    PSN ID: KorwinAU

    Get Wet With Drake Today!

    PSN ID: Thorvan

    I really should finish it
    PSN : DarthRon69

    PSN ID: Gazlander 72

    beautiful cinematic engaging fluid fun

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