Bargain Hunter: Half-Price Deals At EB

Bargain Hunter: Half-Price Deals At EB

Massive mid year sale going down at EB Games starting this Thursday.

PALGN forumer Charly has put together an exhaustive list of the discounts you can look forward to, with many titles going for 50% off the recommended retail price. Head there to check out the full rundown, but I’ve pulled out a few highlights below, all of which are going at half price.

Dead Space (360) $49.97
de Blob (Wii) $39.97
Devil May Cry 4 (360) $34.97
Far Cry 2 (PS3) $49.97
Far Cry 2 (360) $54.97
Gears of War 2: Limited Edition (360) $59.97
Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga (Wii) $24.97
LittleBigPlanet (PS3) $54.97
Mirror’s Edge (360, PS3) $49.97
Resistance 2 (PS3) $49.97

If you’ve spotted any great gaming deals, let the Bargain Hunter know.

EB Mid Year Sale [PALGN, via Ecogamer]


  • I really should buy mirrors edge my friends keep telling me how good it is.. and now probably better then ever..

    • Pity you didn’t get on it earlier, KMart had it for $30 a few months back… and yes, you SHOULD get it.

    • Better off renting it dude. I got it for my birthday and I haven’t finished it, but I will admit that the 3 chapters I played were fantastic. But, you’ll hear from everywhere that its extremely short and I doubt you’ll get into the time-trials enough for it to be replayable. Just borrow it off your mates or rent it. Thats all you need :/

  • “Resistance 2 (PS3) $49.97”

    Maybe I should get around to fixing my PS3 after all… that price hits the spot!

    It’s a bit silly calling those Dead Space and Mirrors Edge prices half price, they’ve been 60 bucks since… before christmas last year?

    • They’re half off the RRP, even though as you say most retailers have been selling them for considerably less for some time.

      • I happened to stop by an EB yesterday, and Resistance 2 was 109.95-> $54.95 (according to my receipt).

        I picked up that, Company of Heroes: Opposing Fronts $10, Crackdown $25, and Bully $50.

  • hmmm i have been waiting for the price of LPB to come down as i didn’t think it was worth full price imo but i think this will make it easier for me to buy now.

  • Definately get LBP if you’re considering it guys, spent about 2 weeks completing it fully (not trophies) and enjoyed every bit of it. Great social game.

    Thanks to Charly too, an awesome job on the list, would probably get SR2, Mirrors Edge or the like.

  • Don’t know if anyone is going to see this. It’s a day or too old post. But went into Kmart today & they had, not the largest selection, but around 7 games left, with multiple copies on a Clearance sale. Around $30-$70.

    Including, Lord of the Rings COnquest, Madagascar 2, some Tennis game among others. Probably getting ready for the EOFY.

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