Bargain Hunter: May PC Games Sale At JB

jbhifi-shopLots of cheap PC games to be found at JB Hi-Fi this month. Let's look at some of the best.

$10 Diablo Medieval II: Total War

$15 Dead Space Shadowrun StarCraft Stranglehold

$20 Alone in the Dark FIFA 08 Juiced 2 Quake Wars: Enemy Territory Supreme Commander

$30 Company of Heroes LEGO Indiana Jones The Orange Box

$40 Gears of War Mass Effect Red Alert 3 S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Warhammer Online

There's a bunch of others too, but mostly licensed rubbish you still wouldn't be interested in even at ten bucks.


    Might grab starcraft, Lost my cd keys a while back and wouldn't mind shoving them on the new account.

    I grabbed Medieval Total War Gold Edition for $10 bucks. Absolute bargain, I'll get around to playing it one day lol...

      I've picked up Homeworld 2, Beyond Good & Evil and Rome: Total War for under $20.

      Also got Red Dead Revolver and Max Payne 2 for $20 each.

      Need to take a holiday to play them.

    Woah - Dead Space for $15? Really?! It's barely 6 months old...

    Seconded - Sh*t, Deadspace is $15?!?!! If anyone hasn't played that badboy, this is an absolute no-brainer.

    OOO well spotted Dave. I love my bargains and there are a few there I want to, so guess where I will be Friday.

    You where always good at spotting good games mate but you didn't list one of the Best that should be on that list "Suburban Soccer" now that one is a gem. :D
    Your influence is important man, make it happen.

    You know who I is!!


    There is a strategy box set thingy for I think $30 bucks or $39. It contains Supreme Commander, Company of Heroes and Dawn of War + expansion. Pretty damn tempting really.

    I also recall a NWN2 box set with the two expansions for $30'ish also.

    Dead Space was a steal, but I know for a fact the two stores in Melb CBD and a couple more around the suburbs are out of stock of the Orange Box, which is what I really wanted.

    Bah! I've convinced myself it's worth getting that $30 RTS pack. I never played much Supreme Commander and I never played Company of Heroes, I think it's a good bargain for $30.

    I've got 2Gb of ram arriving this week so it will be a nice little present for my PC, 4gb of ram and some new games :P

    *Sorry for posting so many comments :(*

    Is quake wars worth getting?

      I got the SE for 20 bucks its ok but you can die easy and Xmen Wolverine was an in game on a billboard which for me kills a bit of the atmosphere.

    I got Quake ET the SE $20.00, Warhammer online $40.00 not bad.

    I ended up getting that strategy pack, but I got it from EB and price matched JB. Good thing I did too because I went to JB and they had none left.

    EB had 80 bucks on the sticker, I paid $30 (Company of heroes, supreme commander, dawn of war + expansion) All in their own dvd case inside the box.

    Very pleased :) Now I'm just tempted by Command & Conquer Red Alert 3 for $40 bucks :)

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