Bargain Hunter: Toys R Us Wii Bundle

wii_wii_fit_art19The Bargain Hunter doesn't normally highlight just one particular deal. But he will today... because it ends today!

Toys R Us have a pretty damn good deal on the Wii. It's been running since May 6 and expires today, so be quick.

For $440, you get:

* Wii console * Wii Sports * Wii Fit * $25 coupon (to be spent on another Wii game)

Which means, assuming you want Wii Fit of course, you're getting a $150 game for $15 with your console. Yeah, that's pretty good.

And hey, while you're there, maybe use that $25 coupon and throw in another $35 to pick up the excellent Little King's Story as well.



    Good game ripped a bit into little kings last night with the save system. Did you find the same problem

    (basically sitting on the throne all the way back from long away quests etc)

      @Simon Hutchinson

      I didn't mind, since you typically want to return to your castle between quests anyway for a whole variety of reasons besides saving. Also, by encouraging (or forcing) you to return to the castle, you really get to appreciate just how your kingdom is growing, which in turn draws you that much closer to this little world you're ruling.

    Found out this deal last week from ecogamer.
    Rang Toy'r Us on Sat morning and totally out of stock and the deal will end on 12th May (Today!)
    At the end, i printed the catalog page and took it JB Doncaster and they price matched it BUT they didn't give me $25 coupon :( only price match Wii Fit + Console for $440

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