Bayonetta Booth Babe Auditions

Never ones to miss an opportunity to opportunistically promote one of their games, Sega will be decking some "lucky" lady out as Bayonetta for E3. These are just some of the candidates for the job.

Course, this clip is less an audition for the job, and more a chance for G4 to make fun of some models, but we'd imagine the actual process is no less daunting for the ladies involved.

Video Games - E3 2009 - G4 Web Exclusive


    Give the gig to the first dame interviewed.
    The rest had no clue.

    God I am sick of people saying "oh I love video games, I'm a massive nerd". If you need to say that you are a nerd straight after saying you like games... odds are you know shit all about games.

    I really doubt Dan Houser, Will Wright or Peter Molyneux tell people "yeah I make games, I'm a massive geek!".

    I'm sorry it just bugs me that the nerdy stigma is still around games now days (especially when the girls are at a multi-million dollar event like E3.

    i wonder.. a high def video game also need a model ?

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