Bee Swarm Traps GameStoppers Inside NYC Store

Employees of a GameStop in Union Square were trapped inside their store by thousands of bees outside, super pissed-off that the hive's code for the early Fight Night demo wasn't working.

The store was shut down for about 2 hours while someone figured out what to do about the swarm, which was also hoppin' mad that the store never gave them their goddamn free second drum pedal for Guitar Hero: Metallica, because they "ran out" or something.

The hive was located in a building between 4th Ave and Irving Place; something stirred them up yesterday afternoon. WABC-TV tried making some phone calls to help the GameStop and got the runaround. The cops said go to the fire department, who said call 911, who said call 311, who said call Mayor Bloomberg. For real.

Finally, they got a bee specialist from the NYPD - had no idea they had one on staff - to get rid of the swarm. He used a queen bee's scent to lure the bees away, but not before they were upsold to a pre-order of Prototype.

Bees Swarm Store in Union Square [WABC-TV, and image]


    @ Aikage: It's partly to do with the questionable legality of their business practice. Reselling pre-owned games turns pure profit (just look at any of their quarterly profit reports) while paying exactly zero of that margin to the developers. That, and the 'house rules' of selling copies of games that employees have already taken home to play as 'new'. Interestingly enough, most consumers only really get indignant about the latter.

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