BioShock 3 Might Be Returning To Rapture

Corridor shooter BioShock takes place in underwater city Rapture. BioShock 2 takes place in underwater city Rapture. BioShock 3?

According to 2K Marin's creative director Jordan Thomas, the setting is "one of the characters we don't want to let go." Thomas added that he thinks Rapture is still "fertile" for as much exploration as the team sees fit.

"I absolutely believe that there might be future games set in Rapture in whatever time period," Thomas said, "but I would also say that I think that the Bioshock brand is big enough that it could evolve." Evolve into more sequels, that is.

BioShock 2 Interview: Part Two [OXM via CVG]


    I don't think it's really fair to call Bioshock a "corridor shooter". Sure it takes place indoors but each level is far from linear, games taking place mainly outdoors like Call of Duty are much more linear 'corridor' like shooters.

    I hope that was an intentional troll I just bit at.

    i love bioshock 1 and i think that the shooting is awsome i hope that is continus in 2

    it would be soooooooooooo cool is u could be a big sister next time and be able to do every thing they could do in bioshock 2 but then what would be a match or a chalenge? =(?) wat wod be the story? maby some thing to invole alex the great from b2 or maby govnerment finds rapture in later years maby 2010 and they find it with deep see radar... and send meadim armed team down. idk if u think these are good idea tell peaple. i got a lot of good ibeas for biosock 2 xbox live id (exactly as printed!!!ALL CAPS) HITMAN117ALEIN0 (ITS ALEIN 0! ZERO!!!! )

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