Boom Blox Downloadable Levels Feature Wii, IGN, White House

EA's Boom Blox Bash Party is out and people are already making levels for download featuring famous stuff to wreck.

Crystalline II - A level made by EA's Boom Blox team. A gold medal if it can be toppled with three slingshot shots.

World Domination - This is a competitive level also made by EA's developers. The map starts all in brown, but players throw paintballs to claim terrain.

Mission Space - Of course we searched for user-made levels built from Mario or Sonic or other "properties." We found none, but did find this Star Wars-looking ship.

Independence Day - One baseball throw at the purple block above the White House detonates the structure, just like in the movie.

IGN 4Ever - User Matty Boy made this level, which comes with the instructions: "Blow up IGN." Casamassina, is that you?

Destroy the Wii! - This one's user-made. The description says: "Get points for throwing baseballs at your Wii! Just like in real life!"

Unfortunately, if you leave the level alone, the Wii begins to collapse on its own...

... and is left in rubble.

The downloadable levels are free and there already seem to be plenty of them, a significant feature upgrade from the original Boom Blox. Who's making a Kotaku level?


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