Breakfast Wrap: Best of Monday Night

breakfast-cerealWelcome to another delicious breakfast wrap, bringing you the top five stories from overnight.

The Last Of The Great Arcade Fighters Inside the lives and minds of some of the world's best Streeties players.

Even More Duke Nukem Forever Art Showcases Duke, Strippers And MILFs Warning: May contain traces of boobs.

Star Wars The Clone Wars: Republic Heroes Detailed Credit to Krome, but is anyone excited about another Star Wars game?

Thief 4: It’s Official Er... that's it?

One In Five Japanese People Now Own A Nintendo DS Wonder what it is in Australia? One in ten, perhaps?


    I noticed a pretty big ass update for Far Cry 2 when I booted it up on my 360 before play last night. Any idea on what it's about?

    Speaking of the (now) well-known saved game crash; I experienced this more than enough times during play. However, I think I figured out how to avoid it- basically it mostly occurs when you mid-mission save. So if you just 'Don't save' and then just go and save at a Gun Merchant or Safe House you will generally avoid this corruption.


      "Reduce significantly the probability of having a corrupted save game", according to the patch notes, among a bunch of other fixes. Also adds a new Hardcore difficulty level to "increase realism" and the ability to play ranked matches on some user maps.

    “Reduce significantly the probability of having a corrupted save game” reassuring. Thanks for the info, David.

    I'm playing out the final missions of the game. I'm really digging how the overall intensity of the final Act has really ramped up. I didn't expect this level of immersion and anticipation. Very cool....

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