Brutal Legend's Star Didn't Always Look Like Jack Black

The star of Brutal Legend, Eddie Riggs, looks a lot like his voice actor, Jack Black. But he didn't always look like Jack Black. No, he once looked like someone better.

This is a very early concept piece depicting Eddie Riggs, where the inspiration is clearly the overlord of rock, Ian "Lemmy" Kilmister. Only with giant hands.

That's just one of several pieces of Brutal Legend artwork, previously viewable only by a select few at developer Double Fine's San Francisco studio, but now available for all to see at the link below.

Get your hands on the brutal art of Brutal Legend [Brutal!]


    Looks more like Lemmy.

    couldn't have a game character with bigger biceps than Chris from RE5

    Nah I like Jack Black's look better.. doesnt look like a hard ass - besides he's supposed to be a roadie, when you do a concept of Lemmy it will ALWAYS look like a famous musician and kinda draw away from the experience. Thats my opinion anyway.

    He doesn't look like a roadie, even if you ignore the Lemmy similarities. I'm glad they went with the Jack Black look.

    This look doesn't appeal to me at all. I'm glad they made the Jack Black choice.

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