Call Of Duty: World At War, MadWorld Go Cheap

Looking for some piping hot deals this weekend? Then look no further than... however far Call of Duty: World At War and MadWorld are. Both are newly cheap, thanks to fresh price breaks.

Treyarch's return to World War II is the latest Steam Weekend Deal, marked down 50% on Valve's digital distribution service. That translates to an asking price of just $US24.99 USD for Call of Duty: World at War. A temporary steal for the PC version.

Also newly cheap is PlatinumGames' MadWorld. US retailer GameStop is chainsawing prices on the Sega title, blowing it out for just $US29.99 USD. Given that the Wii game sold a seemingly paltry, but still Sega-expectation-meeting 66,000 copies in its first month on the market, one might think that's a reaction to underperforming sales.

But MadWorld is simply joining a long list of Sega titles that get heavily discounted weeks after their release, a proud tradition that includes Sega Superstars Tennis and Golden Axe: Beast Rider.

Oh and Empire: Total War, which GameStop is also selling for just $US29.99 as of this weekend. Granted, these deals have almost no relation to a mini-mall, but they're still good!

Call of Duty: World at War [Steam]


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