Can You Decipher Kojima's Famitsu Interview?

This week's issue of Japanese magazine Famitsu features an interview with Metal Gear creator Hideo Kojima about his new project. Make that a censored interview with Hideo Kojima. Can you decipher it?

When speaking with Famitsu Editor-in-Chief Hirokazu Hamamura, Kojima apparently revealed more than he originally intended about his new title. Hamamura asked Kojima if Famitsu could run the full interview. Kojima agreed as long as the mag censored the important stuff. And Famitsu did just that.

Below are excerpts we translated. Each "X" refers to a corresponding white circle Famitsu used to blot out important info. If you are planning on filling in the blanks, do keep in mind that they refer to a single Japanese character.

Hamamura: XXXXXXXXX's XXXXXX? Kojima: But, XXXXXXXXX. It's XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX. Hamamura: Ah! I get it!! Kojima: "XXXXX XXXXX XXX". Well, it's not "X", but a "X" kind of feeling. That's him. I can't say the title yet, but it's this kind of feeling. But it's the Metal Gear saga's tradition. Hamamura: The time period is XXX? Kojima: No, it's XXX. I'm saying everything, maybe XXXXX. I'm designing and directing all of this game. Hamamura: Wha! Kojima: I think the focus will be domestic, and we're launching it globally. For me, this is like "XXXX". I won't say "X", but a solid story has been created, and the MGS4 staff is making it. Hamamura: Wow! That's great.

Kojima: This time, only the image of this guy (image) will appear. Then lighting. Just this appearing, I wan everyone to guess. This is how XX's will be appearing. Hamamura: Big Boss? Kojima: XX's way of appearing is slightly different. Hamamura: Eh? Different...?

Kojima: The emblem on this guy's hat is important. Hamamura: The emblem isn't a fox. There's like a world map thing drawn. Kojima: It's not only an emblem, but for the game, it will be a new type of system. Hamamura: Is it XX-XXXXXXXXXX? Kojima: Yes. You'll while XXXXXXX. XXXX, etc. are a given, so they'll be included. Ooops, I've said more than I was planning to. (laughs) Hamamura: Hahahahaha! Well XXXXXX, it's XXXXXXX? Also, where's the game going to be set? Kojima: The place is XXXXXXX. XXXXXXXXX happened, and it's a XXXXX type of country. There isn't XXXXXXXX in the country, but they do have XX like things and XXXX. At that time, XXXXXX come to where the guy is.

Kojima: The theme is XX. XXXXX kinda thing or XXX theme, or XXXXXXXXXXXX, or why is there X, that's where we're drawing. Maybe everyone is probably thinking, "This sermon again!" Maybe this sermon will become a genre. (laughs) Hamamura: Ahahahaha! Kojima: This is quite a deep interview. Hamamura: So true!


    that makes complete sense.....

    i got nothing- let us know when they translations start flooding in

    I reckon it's Solidus in Rhodesia training Jack (Raiden)as a boy soldier.

    Transition to Raiden post MGS4. Fighting crazy mooing geckos.

    So the game would be based in late 80s and 20XX

    Maybe its going to be the story of grey fox or something before ninja-ified? i though mgs4 was even worse than 2... hopeful the next game is somewhat playable....

    For some strange reason, I think this might be some kind of RTS. Especially since he talks about a domestic focus, and the emblem on Boss' hat being a map.

    @Tristan Damen
    I think it's unlikely that it's Solidus training Raiden as a boy. Solidus's patch was on his left eye, not his right. He also didn't lost an eye until way later.
    Raiden is also wearing his exo-suit thing from mgs4.

    @Tristan Damen
    Oops, I didn't actually read the latter part of your post, sorry. I would edit that last comment if I could.

    I think it's going to be post-MGS4. Big Boss guy's hat's logo as far as I know doesn't resemble fox, foxhound, or outerheaven/haven. It looks like it says something like 'militia sans frontiere???' Not totally sure. But it definately looks to be a map in the shape of a skull.

    He's quite obviously talking about the long-awaited MGS kart racing game.

    Its snake, the microwaves have made him age backward.

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