Capcom Japan May Pull Out Of E3

Looks like Capcom's travel lockdown may not be confined to just Keiji Inafune and Malmö, Sweden. Turns out Capcom Japan may yank all international travel over swine flu fears, which would include, yes, E3.

Capcom have told British trade site Develop that the Japanese branch of the company are yet to commit 100% to attending the upcoming trade show, as they are still mulling over the decision in the wake of a swine flu outbreak in the Keihanshin area, in which Capcom's head office (in Osaka) is located.

Now, if this goes ahead - and it's still an "if", since a final decision is yet to be made - it would not mean that Capcom would pull out of the event. Capcom's US and European branches would be more than capable of manning the booths and showing off the games.

It would just mean that Capcom's Japan-based personnel, like Keiji Inafune and Ben "Hot Tub" Judd, may not be making the trip.

Capcom USA have not responded to our request for confirmation on this, so we've turned to Capcom Japan for answers. We'll update when we hear more.

Capcom Japan undecided on E3 attendance [Develop]


    lol, oh Japan and its absurd swine flu scares. Recently an international conference there was cancelled because the authorities demanded every foreigner attending jump through all sorts of hoops (health checks every day, not leave their accommodation etc)... and if any school children are thought to be sick with swine flu, every school in the entire region will be shut down for a week...

    Good times to be a face mask manufacturer.

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