Capcom Wises Up, Promises Punctual Steam Releases

Capcom Wises Up, Promises Punctual Steam Releases

As an avid PC gamer, and a dedicated Steam user, few things grind my gears like delayed Steam releases. You know the kind. Game comes out on console, then PC, then Steam, weeks later.

There are many publishers that, for some reason, do things this way. Even when it’s just a PC game, the Steam release lags behind. Thankfully, Capcom should no longer one of “those” companies, promising to try a lot harder to give Steam users the same kind of service dished out to console gamers. Capcom’s Chris Svensson:

For the future, I can say with confidence, Dark Void and Bionic Commando will be on Steam day and date with their retail releases, just as Street Fighter IV will be. Beyond those two titles, I really can’t say yet.

Not a cast-iron guarantee, then, but in these troubled times, what is?

A Chat with Capcom’s Chris Svensson [Buttonbasher]


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