Christian Bale, Screamer, Video Game Lover (Oh, And Actor)

Christian Bale is best known for going bananas at some cinematographer. He's also an actor! And like millions and millions of people on Earth today, he loves video games.

While promoting Terminator Salvation, Bale told, "Yes, I do love video games. I played video games in my entire growing-up years. One of my favourites is Super Mario. I wouldn't sleep until I finished the game, you know."

Christian Bale fun fact: His acting debut was in a Pac-Man cereal commercial. He was eight years old and played a child rock star who ate Pac-Man cereal. AMAZING.

That Christian spirit [PhilStar via Joystiq]


    If he's a gamer, then why didn't he lend his likeness to the Terminator game? Oh thats right, its bad.

    ...That doesn't explain why he was in the movie which is reportedly a shitfest.

    i think you're better off deciding whether you like a movie or not yourself. the only review that matters is your own.

      And thus we render all professional critics redundant.

    Hahaha, he loves video games and his only reference is Mario...suuuuuuuuuuuuure, I'll bet he plays his 360 every night!

    Bale: "Yeah, I like video-games...and you know I like Mario...NO BRUCE! LET ME FINISH!!!"

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