City Of Heroes Goes Rogue, Gets All-New Expansion

City of Heroes is going to get only its second expansion - and first in four years - with the release of Going Rogue, an update for the game that introduces the world of Praetoria.

Praetoria takes the well-worn comic book road of flipping an established universe on its head, presenting "a utopian mirror to our own world", in which the same characters exist, just in... different ways.

Alongside the new playing area, this expansion will introduce not only a new alignment system - "that explores the shades of grey that lie between Heroes and Villains" - but taking advantage of the whole parallel universe thing, will also allow for the first time hero characters to become villains in the new world, and vice versa.

The news comes way of a press release that seems to have been sent out prematurely by marketing firm StreetWise, as other information on the game (including its website) are yet to go live or be made.


    lol i just bought this game yesterday, guess I'm going to have to buy this now

    OK for that person that said that getting to level 80 in WoW is fun... From someone who has WoW played for a long time no no its not 80 levels of hell. I have 4 level 80's and no one does anything with each other unless their level 80 and to make it worse even at level 80 finding good players is a task in itself. To top it all off theirs the ugly miss matched gear factor and the i look like everyone else factor once you finally get your tier! Then theirs the torture of doing the same old boring raids that suck your life away over and over and over! well lets just say i finally decided enough is enough after my b/f and i broke up and i no longer had a reason to play the endless world of yawn fest. One thing CoV (and CoH I'm sure CO will have) has that WoW will never have is individuality and choice of whether or not to waist half your life because you need 25 people just to get anything accomplished. Yes wow appeals to all those players with no skill who needs skill when you have gear. Witch 99% lazy ass people acquired by joining a guild who has done all the work already for them and its a free ride because they have shit on farm. For people looking for something that allows them to be creative and actually has a fun leveling experience not just end game shit (witch gets old fast) games like COV, COH & CO are just what their looking for so don't think a games all high and mighty just because the masses play it because you know what they say about the power of stupid people in large groups. Ill also say this from someone who has beta tested games that have failed that were actually really good its the masses narrow mindedness that has caused many games that could have been really good to fail. they all complain about warcraft and yet what they really want is another lame WoW clone and don't even bother giving games that are new and different a chance and then talk shit about them. so until you truly and open minded try a game don't bother trying to tell me that WoW is so much better. As for those knocking CO before they try it how do you know they didn't improve upon some aspects of COV and COH I liked CoV and CoH but wound up eventually quitting due to repetitiveness of appearances witch seems their isn't as much of in CO and who wouldn't want to be able to totally customize every aspect of their char the way they want it. I realize everyone has preferences and these are just my views but i am a little tired of good games failing because of people who don't even give things a chance bad mouthing them. Then turning around and glorifying a game like WoW that not only ruins people lives but really is more of an addiction then actually having fun. I am proud to say i have beat the addiction and am just looking for something i can have fun doing that doesn't suck your lifeblood dry. content that only takes 5 people to finish and don't have people yelling at you because your puppy had to be let out to go pee because his eyeballs were floating sounds like the perfect thing for me.

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