Civilization IV Is The Gift That Keeps On Giving

It's testament to the longevity of Civilization IV that, four years on from release, not only am I still playing it, but that 2K can repackage the game safe in the knowledge it will sell.

The publisher has announced today the impending release of Civilization IV: Complete Edition, which will be out next week and which will combine the main game along with its two expansions (Warlords & Beyond the Sword) and recent spin-off title, Colonization.

The pack will sell for $US40 and, if this kind of thing makes your day, will ship entirely without DRM.


    US$40 is approx. $54 at current rates. However I cant see this hitting shelves at a respectable price point, which is annoying as I do want to pick it up but only at a price that reflects the fact it is 4 years old.

    Same here. I'd pay at most AU$50 for this, given its age - but if it hit a reasonable price, there'd be a lot of people I'd be recommending it to.

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