Comparison Says PS3 Slim Box Maybe Kinda Realish

The rumored pictures of the PS3 slim immediately brought, like a chorus of boos at Question Time, denunciations of fakery. They sure got us in trouble with a lawyer-mans. But someone thinks the retail box, at least, is real.

PlayStation Lifestyle took a look at the Slim Box, compared to the PSP Go Box, and thinks the Slim box is standardised enough that it isn't fake, which gives credence to the pics of the hardware itself. Saith PSL:

The box has a strikingly similar layout as the PSP Go box. The logo on the bottom left hand side, along with the PSN logo, and memory capacity on the bottom right hand side. Also the Sony, and PlayStation logos in each respective upper corners. Lastly the coloured XMB wave "stripe" across the middle of the box with the PS3/PSP layered over it is the same on each box, just using a different colour for each box.

Not saying they're fake, not saying they're real, just letting you make up your mind with more information. And queue C&D from a Taiwanese attorney in 3 ... 2 ...

PSP Go/PS3 Slim Retail Box Comparison [PlayStation Lifestyle]


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