Critter Crunch Brings Rainbow Barfing Fun To PlayStation Network

PlayStation 3 owners can gorge themselves on high-definition puzzle fun with Critter Crunch, officially announced today by Capy as an upcoming PlayStation Network release.

The lovely-looking hand-animated 2D puzzle game requires players to stuff themselves, strategically, full of woodland creatures. Developer Capy notes that Critter Crunch is not your typically gem smashing puzzler going far enough to claim that the title will free gamers from "the tyranny of Match-3 puzzle games."

Critter Crunch for the PlayStation 3 is due this Summer. The game's debut trailer is after this.

Critter Crunch PSN Debut Trailer from Capy! on Vimeo.


    I want to barf rainbows NOW!

    this game is just plain awesome

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