David Jaffe: "We're Not Showing Anything At E3"

David Jaffe of developer Eat Sleep Play talks about the chances of him showing something at E3. And they are?

Jaffe, best known for creating hack-and-slash God of War and vehicular-combat Twisted Metal, said that he will be there on the show floor, but the project he is working on doesn't seem as though it will be.

"I'll say it right now, because some people are speculating: we're absolutely not going to be at E3," Jaffe said in his video update. "I will be there... but we're not showing anything."

That's this year, so what about next year? "Next year, I fully expect us to be on the show floor," Jaffe added. "Part of me would love to announce at E3, so you walk into the Sony booth and bam, there's our game."

After Jaffe posted a snap of an email, speculation is swirling that Eat Sleep Play is working on a PS3 version of Twisted Metal.

Jaffe: We're not taking our game to E3 [VG247]


    I would kill a small dog for Twisted Metal. I don't think we've had a good vehicle combat game this gen...

    We also need Destruction Derby 3! (not including RAW)

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