Dawn Of War II Gets Major Update This Month

Sometime in "early May", developers Relic will be releasing a major new update for their RTS/RPG hybrid Dawn of War II, which will introduce a range of new features for the game.

These include an all-new multiplayer mode (2v2), two new maps to support this mode, improved skirmish AI, push-to-talk voice chat, new "squad decorators" and "significant UI improvements". New squad decorators? You know, Relic, being able to paint each squad individually would be awesome.

Those are apparently just some of the additions being made to the game, with Relic to reveal more over the coming days/weeks.


    If only it had the depth of coh instead of the poorly but together multiplayer it actually has.

      I'd really like to see a DOTA or Turret defense style of map :p
      I guess I'll go back to flash games/War3 (Which is 6 years old and still finding these added modes fun!)

    True that. Multiplayer is very laclustre. They through out everything that made the original good!

    And now they are adding a 2v2 mode, which they should have included before the game was released, and making it out as if it's some kind of big deal. Go Relic.

    And by "through", I meant "threw". I really need to proof read before I hit that Submit button...

    they screwed this game up big time

    i loved dow2 when it was released and i was happy i pre ordered it

    then they released the stupidest major update of any game ive seen

    They destroyed the balance multiplayer gameplay
    i played as the space marines and i knew they destroyed multiplayer for me
    any game i was space marines i lost any why because they made other races over powered out squads starting to cost power and add to the fact that tier upgrades where way larger encouraging spam it was crap and the space marines needed to tier quickly. their units were expensive then other races, there ability's were expensive, and their units took alot of pop now you cant say they were unbalanced. they were powerful and there balanced included u couldnt get too many of them and they were expensive ok i stopped playing this game when they released it and only started again because of the last stand and thats all i play i dont play normal multiplayer no more

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