DC Universe Online Much Brighter With The Flash

Here's some new concept art and screens from Sony Online Entertainment, showing how the Wally West version of The Flash appears in DC Universe Online.

A profile shot. The Flash uses this for his Facebook listing.

That there's the fastest head on the planet.

Surprise! The Flash is running!

And running some more.

The Flash has a posse.

Running really works the glutes.

You could photoshop these all together to make DaVinci's The Flash.


All together now.

Yep, he's that fast kids.

Strike a pose!

Look at that boy go!

Collect the whole set!

Body concept.


    Interesting screenshots but, what is with the corny captioning?

    Doing a remake of an old flash comic book for my illustration class and using one of these images for reference. I'm going to make flash really fat.

      Sounds cool man you should post it after.

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