Did You Get On The Uncharted 2 Multiplayer Beta?

Naughty Dog's tropical shooter is getting a sequel later this year. And that sequel is getting a multiplayer beta next week. And 150 Kotaku readers are getting in on it.

We've already revealed 60 of the lucky readers who'll be receiving a download code for the Uncharted 2 multiplayer beta.

Now we're revealing the other 90. And as with all competitions, the judge's decision is final.

Warning: this is a really long list!

Matt Pirates, treasure, countless exploding barrels PSN ID: M-A-D

Lionel D-damn, R-right, A-amazing, K-killing, E-experience PSN ID: xBladeReaperx

Moe Johnson Got a mean right hook PSN ID: AStiffBreeze

Korwin Realistic Shirt, Polygrip Hair Gel PSN ID: KorwinAU

JamesH pirate recruitment - must be bulletproof PSN ID: jhoang49

Carl Francis Drake versus SIXAXIS of evil! PSN ID: CarlCFX

JimmySnuff You almost feel the mozzies PSN ID: PNHC_SMASHnGRAB

clawster Drake wins girl, loses booty PSN ID: megabonsai

mcpondy Goons, Guns, Treasure, Booty, Headshots! PSN ID: McPondy

Sonny Excellent Minus Invincible Bare-Chest Pirates PSN ID: sonhectic

dave dark dangerous death defying discovery PSN ID: ddevo

DeeK Forget insects, need zombie repellent. PSN ID: DaKh

Grim Bullet, fist, dead mercenary. Repeat! PSN ID: najakh

Dean It’s super, thanks for asking! PSN ID: bubblesnout

Namarrgon Fenix got thinner, took holiday. PSN ID: Namarrgon

Beau Dirix Indy and Lara’s love child. PSN ID: WildWarriorBizz

Joanne Foo Shimmy, Jump, Duck, Aim, Shoot! PSN ID: ViolatedUrchin

David M Get wet. Climb around. Pirates! PSN ID: Thorvan

Frazz Dashing hero fights bullet sponges PSN ID: Frazz-lor

Lord Panda Other game ideas done right. PSN ID: LordPanda

Matt Long Wait.. that’s NOT Nathan Fillion?? PSN ID: chewbacca16f

matthew m Treasure chests and pirate pests ! PSN ID: mattygamefreak

Jad Stunning environments and exhilarating gunplay! PSN ID: Jad_23

George Brandon Charming man scaling beautiful terrain PSN ID: HybridGB

Josh Elena, Surprisingly Strong Female Character PSN ID: prestojo

Awesomeman667 I PRESSED JUMP DAMN YOU! PSN ID: Awesomeman667

Flux Pirates, Nazis, Zombies!!! Next, ninjas? PSN ID: FluxCapacitor

dangercharlie lights, camera, mayhem! Kill everything! PSN ID: stankb0t

Nick Fortunate to play this one PSN ID: c3044692

Alan Punch the pirate, receive loots PSN ID: Pocketlove

Farrah breathtaking masterpiece from naughty dog PSN ID: farrba

Surin bulletproof pirates on crushing difficulty PSN ID: Sergeant—R

Steve Eight hour action packed adventure! PSN ID: Harris3oo

FatBoyNotSoSlim Most Fun Had On PS3 PSN ID: FatBoyNotSoSlim

Ry Van Veluwen Eldorado’s gold was a trap PSN ID: RyIvan

RogerTheIncredible Find your fortune, and zombies! PSN ID: RogerTI

bigjobs treasure chest of wet shirts PSN ID: bigjobbies

Garrick Bortignon Guns, Explosions, Treasure and Awesomesauce PSN ID: G-Phresh

Grand Master 7 Daring Realistic Awesome Keelhaulin Excellence PSN ID: grndmstr7

dropmac Treasures: gotta catch ‘em all! PSN ID: dropmac

Denlay Drake is a….NAUGHTY DOWWG! PSN ID: chartsy

Nick I now shimmy to work. PSN ID: tofunuggets

rightbetweentheeyesanjing Perfect run and gun gameplay PSN ID: playing_to_win

Jamie Thomson May contain traces of wit PSN ID: Firehawk41

Adam Delightfully Rogueish And Konstantly Engaging! PSN ID: Heretolose

V1Zu4L Pfft, Lara and Indy who? PSN ID: V1Zu4L

LukeyG The Jet Ski Level Sucked PSN ID: LukeyG

Rossco H Treasure hunting at its purest. PSN ID: pingcommander

K RAD “Uncharted: Uruk-hai take El Dorado” PSN ID: CavemanMendoza

Andrew Reynolds running shooting jumping hip hooray PSN ID: andrewr4

sam run, jump, shoot, booty, ftw PSN ID: barrymundy

Kevin Munro It couldn’t have been greener PSN ID: kevmunro

James Hopkins Glorious treasure hunt with twist. PSN ID:

Hyperblau Better movie than most movies! PSN ID: HyperBLAU

Peter Day “Nathan Drake is Captain Reynolds.” PSN ID: War_Solicitor

Paddy H watch out for that tree! PSN ID: Treeman549

Ivan K Nathan Drake’s half tuck rules! PSN ID: alicemudgarden

Ben Shuker Uncharted: Wicked cool zombie wetness PSN ID: rekuhs

EnnisFargis Be careful Nath.. NAAAAAAATTTTTTHHHHH….. thump! PSN ID: ennisfargis

SaMbO Pirates and Zombies!?! Solution: Nate PSN ID: samual76

Wahab Hunter of the ‘Treasure Jungle’ PSN ID: ican24

MaternalBloom didn’t regret paying $110. PSN ID: MaternalBloom

Henry K Glorious. Epic. Immaculate. Genius. FLAWLESS. PSN ID: Lestatthanhero

Marked-Man Naughty Dog starts a franchise PSN ID:

John-Paul trigger happy mercs, exotic loacation PSN ID: Acillis

James Simpson nathan drake takes the cake PSN ID: Run4cova368

Rick Anderson Heaps better than jungle juice. PSN ID: MISTERANDERSON71

Steven Z Puzzles, Platforming, Guns : Indiana… Drake? PSN ID: Daishogun

jasopan Gorgeous cinematic-like action masterpiece PSN ID: jasopan_

Scott Now where’s that damn treasure? PSN ID: DaMonkeyMan83

Rod Thugs, Guns and EEK! MONSTERS! PSN ID: Rodimus_80

Crono I died many, many times. PSN ID: cronotriggr

Himanshu Best action-adventure-shooter ever! PSN ID: h4himanshu

buckE Need more ammo this time! PSN ID: buckE182

Peter Action adventure off the charts! PSN ID: Pete-Err

James Stuck-up, half-witted, scruffy-looking treasure-hunter’s Fortune PSN ID: matrix-cat

Cosmic Fool Lara’s Pimp daddy? Nathan Drake. PSN ID: LonginusXI

Ben A Pants Wettingly Awesome Game!!! PSN ID: foolishoptimist

Neon Kitten Played twice just for trophies! PSN ID: NeonKitten

yuruyuru123 Drake’s jeans just don’t rip. PSN ID: yuruyuru123

Matt P Trouser Snake Drake’s Pleasure Chest PSN ID: mpizzle1

winston Near invincible pirates eventually die. PSN ID: Rafus13

Will Running out of witty statements. PSN ID: aus_will

Luke Sanders Refreshing Shoot em up Game PSN ID: beaverinc21

Evan M A Rumble in the Jungle! PSN ID: schematic

Adam PS3 exclusives just got better. PSN ID: admeister

Jamie Galea Awesome game, but bloody hard. PSN ID: Galea1337

Adam photorealistic, invigorating, cinematic, seamless, amazing! PSN ID: blackers_92

Locked1089 Exploring bushes, now less messy. PSN ID: Locked1089

Andrew captivating, enthralling and timeless masterpiece PSN ID: acriu55

Expect your codes in the mail before the beta kicks off on June 3.


    oh crap i think i put my email in wrong

      i needed to put au at the end

    Thanks for the code Kotaku :)

    Woo, I think this is the first thing I've won since pass the parcel in year 2.

    Yes! Kotaku is now officially the greatest!

    Damn, guess I didn't win would of loved to get in on this, thanks anyway Kotaku for awesome comps like this!

    Awesome! Thanks Kotaku!

    Huzzah for glorious victory!

    Thanks Kotaku :)

    Thanks David!

    OMG i won for something for once!
    Thanks Kotaku!

    thanks Kotaku!

    My email address might have been wrong as I have no key yet.

    I will keep checking my email later.

    When do the beta keys get sent to us??


      Looks like the codes were sent late last night. I've got mine. Now I'm waiting for the 3rd June, so I can actually activate the code.

      Should be awesome! Thanks Kotaku. I loved the first Uncharted. Can't wait to try out the second.

    lol, I feel bad, mine was more of a commentary than a review, but it was the thing that stood out most to me.

    mine was:Elena, Surprisingly Strong Female Character.


    Thanks, Kotaku, I've REALLY been looking forward to this one! And to everyone else who got into the beta, congrats and I'll see you in there...

    Thanks again David. Just a quick one, can we expect to see yourself roaming the uncharted 2 battlefield?


    just got my code in the email. thanks Kotaku AU!

    Opened my email YES! Thank you.

    Dankeshun cant wait to get onto the beta

    Thanks for the code Kotaku!

    Thanks, got my code and looking forward to trying it out come June 3rd.

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