Disney Bringing 3D Games To PS3, Wii, Xbox 360

Guinea Pig sporting action title G-Force and Wii mini-game collection Toy Story Mania will both ship with 3D support, the developers announced tonight.

In Toy Story Mania, gamers play a number of mini-games on the Wii using the remote. Among the 40 mini-games are ones that have you throwing darts to pop balloons, throwing balls to knock things over and throwing hoops over object for points. While the 3D graphics weren't on display tonight, the producers said that some of the games wold include the option to play in true 3D.

G-Force, a game based on the upcoming 3D movie, did have the 3D display on show this evening. Both the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 versions of the game will support 3D graphics, which can be switched on and off on the fly.

The 3D graphics used in the game requires gamers to sport a pair of cardboard blue and red lensed glasses and uses a type 3D known as off-axis, the developers said. The effects seen in motion were surprisingly good, The guinea pig lead stood out on the screen, enemy shots seemed to blow out of the television and the world felt more realistic, though with slightly muddled colours because of the graphics.

Though not the first game, by a long shot, to sport 3D graphics it appears it will be the best version of the graphic technology.


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