DJ Hero Peripherals Revealed

A Twitter account by the name of djhero has tonight posted these pictures, claiming they are the first shots of the upcoming game's turntable controller.

Now, they might be legitimate! The account is a few months old, and they look nice enough. Then again, there's nothing else to confirm these are being the real thing, so pass judgement on them with a grain of salt or two between your teeth.


    Looks like it would be awkward as all hell to use. Where exactly would you sit it? on your lap? or should i drag in a table?

    As for GH5... I'm pretty happy with RB2 and all the DLC it has, cheers though.

    with buttons there the scratch pad can't spin?
    I think it's going to be more complicated than that and have 2 scratch pads.

    I hope Fatboy slim and dj scribbles make the setlist!!!!! I can't wait to play this. I already have over 400 bucks wrapped up in rock band with all the extra instruments, game discs and song downloads--whats another 400 right? Well worth the money to me though due to the replay value and party style game play. I am approaching almost 400 songs which is phenomenal for a game. I hope there will be some way to incorporate rock band's version of this into their existing games. Yes they will most certainly jump on this "band wagon" as well. Too cool of an idea not to copy it.

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