Doom Is Coming For The IPhone

Having first teased the game a few months ago, id's John Carmack has provided a slew of details on the company's upcoming iPhone port of their classic PC shooter Doom.

Carmack goes into exhaustive detaill on how the game has been nipped and tucked to both work and look good on the handheld, but the gist is that it looks great, and should be out next month.

Wolfenstein iPhone controlled surprisingly well, so I'll be looking forward to this one.

Doom Classic [id]


    it doesnt look like this will trump the version that was ported to handhelds with GoForce graphic chips. my 02 Flame ran it brilliantly and it had improvements on the original doom such as 3d enemies, normal mapping, glow, dynamic lighting.

    although i have to say the controls left alot to be desired.

    have a google/youtube search for DoomGLES

    I have already played this. It's available on Cydia for months if you have a jailbroken iPhone.

    Not a bad game.. but I prefer Wolfenstein to be honest..

      The version available for jail broken phones isnt an official version, it is a port

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