Dragonball DS And Dragonball Wii Art Look, Um, Different

A new year brings one thing: More Dragon Ball. You know what that means? More Bulma.

The Xbox 360 and the PS3 are getting a Dragon Ball Z title called Raging Blast that appears to be a sequel to Dragon Ball Z Sparking! The Nintendo Wii is getting a Dragonball action game, which doesn't appear to have a subtitle.

It does have Bulma character art that seems different from how see appeared in last fall's Dragonball DS (Dragonball Origins in the West). See comparison.

AH HA! She has a name tag on the DS version. We knew there was something off.

バンナムはドラゴンボールのゲームをいくつ出したら気がすむの? [はちま起稿]


    shouldn't that read 'bulimia'? :-P

    Ever watched the anime? She starts to look different further along the track.

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