Dragonica Online Preview Beta Coming Soon

THQ's first foray into the world of imported massively multiplayer online gaming is off to a good start, as THQ*ICE announces a preview beta for Dragonica Online at the end of May.

Things seem to be ahead of schedule for THQ's first online game. The company has selected Hypernia Hosting Corporation as their server provider, and are ready to let players give the game a spin as early as May 29th, despite the original announcement stating that beta would kick off this summer. As you can probably gather from the screenshot, Dragonica Online isn't the sort of game that takes itself too seriously, so it might be something fun to do over the weekend instead of rocking back in forth in your chair and mumbling to yourself as you wait for news to start pouring in from E3.

Players can sign up for the preview beta right now at the Dragonica Online website.


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