Duke Nukem Forever Gameplay Footage

Duke Nukem Forever Gameplay Footage

This clip is currently being hosted on the site of a now-former 3D Realms employee (though it can no longer be accessed publicly). It’s full of, supposedly, Duke Nukem Forever gameplay footage.

You’ll see many of the same enemies from that concept art that surfaced the other day, so it certainly looks legit. It also has boobs, so don’t watch it at work.


  • Ok this actually looks freakin’ sweet. Hopefully it gets picked up. Still has that Duke charm we all love.

  • It was certainly headed in the right direction, lots of good animation and solid looking gameplay in that footage.

  • This is awesome! A little early in development, hence the pixelation, but it keeps that sweet Duke attitude, Nude dancing girls, and humor that really set Duke Nukem up as a classic. Let’s hope that some games house can pick it up and make it the Grungy winner that it has always promised to be.

  • This actually looks really good. I mean, obviously a lot of it is really raw, but if you take everything here for what it is – a work in progress – it’s really something I could get excited about if it were to gain a future more certain that it’s ever had.

  • It’s a bit of a shame. Yes, 3DRealms was hugely lazy in trying to get this out the door, but it was actually looking okay and reasonably solid (well, this iteration of it anyway). If they’d just gotten the game out the door years ago like they should’ve, the team could’ve had the money and backing to deliver a few more Duke-filled games. Instead, the team is all jobless, with no game to their name after all these years of work (or lack thereof), and all we get is a teaser and some artwork from an unfinished game.

    And before I get flamed for being a 3DRealms supporter, I’m certainly not. But as someone who’s looking to get into the industry as a programmer just as soon as I get off my ass and start applying for jobs, it seems like a shame to see this work go to waste. It seems to be happening to a few companies at the moment…

    • @Job
      You’re operating on the (quite probably wrong) assumption that they have released all their assets and materials. Take a look at the context of this video. It was leaked by someone whose roles was “animation, modelling, storyboarding”. What do we see here? That’s right: modelling, animation and storyboarding, at various stages of completion and complexity.

      I know this probably all sounds like some crazy idea, but I think there’s something there. Perhaps if a level designer leaked some footage, we’d see some completed level fly-throughs.

      Look, when someone from 3D Realms puts out a rar file of stuff and says, “This is everything we had,” then we can make judgements. Until then, let’s try to look at the bigger picture and not make – no offense – unfounded assumptions.

      • Also the fact that it certainly wouldn’t be 12 years of development, not even 6 years, the bulk of the work would be design.

  • This looks really good, you can see alot of solid base work in place. Wouldnt have been too much longer to have the game released. Pity its a bit too late now.

  • 12 years and this is what they’ve come up with – what an absolute fucking joke. Looks like a N64 game.

    • …Yeah, because footage made for an artist’s demo reel for the purpose of seeking employment would no doubt show EVERYTHING that was made for Duke Nukem Forever. This is obviously not everything that was made, nobody ever said this is everything that has been done, and this is not even an official 3D realms trailer, it’s just a demo reel. Way to jump the gun.

  • I for one think it looks great. Sure not 12 years great, but I want to play it now. I want to fight a huge monster on a football field. It’s sad we may never get to.

  • What the hell happened to the “game” we saw wwwaaaayyyyy back in trailer form in 2001? If it had come out then, people would have enjoyed it. But in today’s market, there’s no way in hell this would sell. People demand more from an FPS than a grunting sexist main character dispatching “witty” quips.

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