EA Showed More Love To PC And DS Last Year

One giant games publisher. Ten gaming platforms. Lots of shifting support from 2007 to last year. EA backed some, bailed on others.

EA published 111 console, PC and handheld games during its 2008 fiscal year, not counting cell phone games. According to the company's official financial filings, here's how they spread their efforts:

EA game releases for FY2008 (April 1 2007 - March 31, 2008)

PS2: 15 games PS3: 17 games Xbox 360: 19 games Wii: 14 Xbox: 2 GameCube: 1

PC: 21

PSP: 9 DS: 12 GBA: 1

And then during the just-concluded fiscal year after that, EA published 147 games. The platforms that got the biggest boost were the PC and DS.

EA game releases for FY2009 (April 1, 2008 - March 31, 2009)

PS2: 14 games (-1 from FY08) PS3: 23 games (+6 from FY08) Xbox 360: 26 games (+7 from FY08) Wii: 21 (+7 from FY08) Xbox: 1 (-1 from FY08) GameCube: 0 (-1 from FY08)

PC: 32 (+11 from FY08)

PSP: 8 (-1 from FY08) DS: 22 (+10 from FY08) GBA: 0 (-1 from FY08)

Note that none of the above lists includes cell phone games or iPhone/iPod games.

So the PC isn't dead, but can we finally declare the GameCube deceased?


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