EA Sports Adds First-Person Punching To NHL 10

Get ready to experience what it's really like to punch Canadians and Eastern Europeans in the face when NHL 10 ships this September. Electronic Arts has added first-person view brawling to the professional hockey sim.

First person brawlers are few and far between—only a handful, like Breakdown and Zeno Clash, have found some degree of success with their attempts—but that's not going to stop EA from letting you rain blows on the professional athlete of your choosing. The new addition is just one of "more than 200 gameplay refinements" shipping with the next iteration, according to EA, including the arrival of "towel-waving fans." Jeez, finally.

Of course, EA has actual gameplay improvement planned for NHL 10, including bobble passes, scrums, and the option to one-time loose pucks, three things that illustrate how out of touch I am with the sport of hockey.

The game is scheduled to arrive on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 later this year, skipping the PC and PlayStation 2.

Check out new screens of the hockey sim in the gallery. Then hope that EA Sports adds eye-tracking for the crowd, so they'll follow the puck instead of looking like warmly-dressed zombies.



    Same with Selanne and the Red Wings player *spits*

    the 1st person fighting will be soooooo crap its unreal. it doesnt work in any game. ea just dont get it do thy? they pay peoplegod knows how much to put crappy 1st person foghting and puck kicking in when all we want is simple pick up and play fun hockey with good grappling realistic hockey fights. get ready for another years dissapointment

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