Echochrome Adds PlayStation Eye Support, "Cloud" Level Sharing

Sony's PlayStation Network release echochrome is getting a substantial update, one that will lengthen the lifespan of the PlayStation 3 puzzler. echochrome's getting PlayStation Eye support and a new level sharing option soon.

The PlayStation Eye support, according to the official PlayStation Japan web site, will let players film themselves while solving the game's puzzles, then upload those captured videos to YouTube or store them locally. Looks like the echochrome team is taking a page from the Wii marketing handbook, turning the lens back on the player to show just how much fun puzzle-solving can be.

echochrome fans will also have more levels to play with following the update, as users will be able to share levels via the "cloud," instead of having to wait for Sony engineers to approve and distribute fan-made creations. Perhaps that service will explain that PlayStation Cloud trademark, which certainly sounds like it could be expanded to other titles.

echochrome [ via Siliconera]


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