Eidos: Sequels, And Sequels To Sequels

Eidos' Ian Livingstone, recently named Wookiee Life President or Square Enix Proconsul or something, gave a kitchen-sink interview in which sequels for nearly every major Eidos IP were tipped, teased or confirmed.

Speaking to Gaming Indians, Livingstone says IO Interactive is working on a new Hitman title; Kane and Lynch 2 has a hoped-for release of September, and he doesn't exactly dispel the idea that Eidos Montreal's "secret project" is Thief IV.

That leaves Tomb Raider, which released Underworld last year to disappointing sales. Are they working on a sequel to that, too? Oh hell yes they are!

"The next Tomb Raider, I think, will surprise a lot of people and reinvigorate the franchise. There are some remarkable things we're doing in the next Tomb Raider to make you say, "Oh Lara, I love you so much!"

All this is in addition to Deus Ex 3, already underway at Montreal. (Livingstone indicates that might be released in 2010.) What, no Just Cause 2? Oh, right ...

That's five projects, all of them sequels. I think porn studios come up with more original IP. Of course, Hitman 5 probably sells better than "Donkey Punch 22."

Eidos President Talks Arkham, Thief, Hitman, Tomb Raider and More [Gaming Indians]


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