Eight More Games For The 360's Platinum Range

Microsoft today got around to officially announcing the 360's redesigned "Platinum Hits" range, which we first saw a month ago. To kick things off, they also announced eight "new" games for the range.

We say "new" because, well, not all of them are new to the Platinum Hits series. Indeed, most of the eight highlighted titles aren't. Like Viva Pinata. And Burnout Paradise, and Forza 2, and Fight Night Round 3. Gears of War is also listed as "new", though since this repackaged edition comes with "every map pack, game mode and Achievement ever released on Xbox LIVE", it gets a pass.

The only three truly new games to the range, then, are Battlefield: Bad Company, Mass Effect (which comes with expansion Bring Down the Sky) and Army of Two.

No prices were announced for the new games, but as with other Platinum titles, they'll go for either $US20 or $US30.


    Battlefield Bad Company is totally worth buying as a platinum title, hilariously fun game. I might give Army of Two a spin...

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