Encyclopedia Gigantica: All You Need To Know About Monster Hunter

Interested in Capcom's upcoming release of Monster Hunter Freedom Unite but don't know the first thing about monster hunting? The Encyclopedia Gigantica is here to help.

Capcom is compiling all the pertinent information a player needs to get started in the wild world of Monster Hunter Freedom Unite. While it's a bit light on content at the moment, Capcom will be filling it with all sorts of helpful information leading up to the game's release in June. You'll find a handy beginner's guide; information on weapons and armor; a bestiary; and videos to help you get the most out of the game, unlike the video below, which simply introduces the website and hovers atop the link you'll need to follow to get there.

The Encyclopedia Gigantica [Capcom]


    It's actually rather necessary, it's like playing pokemon without a pokedex, or WoW without quest helper. (Of course the actual game is a lot harder than either of those titles).

    Before we had fan sites like Crimsion Skies to compiled the huge weapon leveling and evolution trees. Who drops what and where can you mine such and such. Which areas monsters appear in under which missions.

    Would be nice to have a more official version and I'm assuming that's what this is. Hope capcom market it here better than their previous titles.

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